WTF: Swiss Cheese For Brains

Do people have no shame? or Should i realy be asking, do goverments have no shame? after this brainstorm of a video by the Swiss government (which not every member supported) i think it's safe to say that the answer is no. These fools have funded an advertising campaign being shown in Africa. Nothing wrong with that, apart from the fact that it has actually been designed to deter african immigrants from trying to enter Switzerland. The advert starts with a Black immigrant telling his father during a phone call that all is well and he is making money. But he is actually living on the street, being chased by police (seemingly for no reason) and has to beg to survive day to day. The final message of the ad reads ''Don't believe everything you hear, leaving is not always living''. This ad has already been shown in Cameroon & Nigeria and should be aired in other parts of Africa soon. 

The first and most glaring gripe with this ad is the obvious racist undertones. Well i say undertones but you could hardly be anymore blatant if you tried. A video designed just for african immigrants and not for migrants in general is just plain disgusting. Then there is the fact that they have actually gotten away with it shows that all the other european governments are all just as happy to have this video made, because apart from one member of the swiss government (who was a legal migrant himself) nobody else has batted an eyelid over it. Also, how the hell did they manage to find someone to play the immigrant in the first place. Either he got paid a comparatively ridiculous amount of money to do it or he simply has no shame at all.

Regardless of who played the main character there is a much bigger and far more disturbing picture of just how far the leaders of the supposedly free world are prepared to go to impose their way of life on the rest of us. Regardless of what people are being told, this video is aimed at both legal & illiegal imigrants amd makes no attempt to differentiate between the two at any time on the ad. Which means that there is strong possibility that the Swiss government quite simply don't want any more black/non white people settling in Switzerland, that is unless your Lewis Hamilton (ie you have money), then one of the richest & most tax friendly countries in the world is only too willing to have you.

I wait with (sarcastically) baited breath to see whether these goings on set a precedent and other countries try to follow suit.

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