...But I Said Mo' Mo' Mo'!!!

Nick James comes at us from Oakland with a classy smoothed out remix of AG. This one has taken pride of place in my top 3 so far (alongside Filthy Gangster & Crooklyn Gangster). He also has the honour of having my fav sample so far on any AG remix joint. The Jazzy keyboard & strings used on the American Gangster track is beautiful stuff.

J. Brookinz turn to drop a lil sumthn fpr the good people. He's decided to use a whole load of 80's music samples for this one. No Hook, Ignorant shit & the Chopped up Guitar riffs of Success are standouts on this one. But the electro pop and keyboard sample used for American Gangster is easily one of the catchiest beats of all the AG remix so far. 1 or 2 of the samples used need a few listens to appreciate but it is an intewresting listen non the less.

AAAAAAHHHHHH MAAANNNN!! No sooner do i make a bold statement do i then have to change my bloody mind. DR. Goo... strange name & possibly the most eccentric source yet chosen to extract samples from. He's taken the soundtrack to the Chicago movie and found some absolute gems. Now, i'm  not just talking about simple blends here. I'm talking about some ingeniusly chopped and looped vocal & orchestral samples. The Goo's version of party Life is catchiness personified and anyone who doesn't snap their neck to that one needs their head examined. This one narrowly beats Nick James effort on my top 3 (sorry Nick). The sheer quirkiness of the beats makes this a definate banger.

Get em all and check out the sites too.


Kevin said...

Yo, good look on these man! That Nick James one is tight.

Nick James said...

Yo this is Nick James. I just found this site. Thank you for the support I have new projects dropping and I'll keep you posted. Again, Thank You. Peace