...And Another Samurai...

American Samurai: Return Of The Gangster, by DJ Kay-Ris, goes a little leftfield with some of the samples used but this in no way detracts from the fact that it's good. American Dreamig is a little funky and slightly uptempo number which people with blinkered minds (and i hope that doesn't apply to any of you) may be thrown by (Personally i love it). The the strings sample Kay employed for his version of fallin' is used to briliant effect and i'm sure Questlove would be damn proud of Kay's version of Ignorant Shit (My favourite AG remix beat so far). Other standouts are Pray & Success Grabalicious!!!

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kristofer said...

thanks cuz i didnt really think anybody heard my mixtape made it in 2 days but thanks for the positive feddback