Ralph Rips It

Associated minds are the $@%# as far as i'm concerned and this EP from one of their own is no exception. While being laced with some serious firepower by the likes of Apollo, Secondson & Matt Gloss (UK heads should know by now) Ralph stays true to his name (Ralph Rip Shit) & delivers some hard yet witty rhymes to wet the apetite for what surely will be a must have longplayer. As far as i'm concerned there all great tracks but Kiss The Guns uses the title as a great analogy to fool you initially since he actually lets rip (sorry...) about his arms. 5 tracks in all ft Dubbledge & Pergyl to make your head nod and press rewind a couple of times to catch what being said.  When's the album coming Ralph. Grab this, enjoy it, then go out and buy the Metaphysical album so you can enjoy more of the same.

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