Preach Brother Preach!!!

Last year Preach released an album (and a very good one at that) called Garveyism. Over beats provided by Clockwork(Outerspace, Raydar Ellis), Jah Freedom (K. Hill) & Nicolay (Foreign Exchange, Little Brother, Median etc) he tells us the virtues of staying positive in adversity, stayimg true to one self and other related topics. Preach & Nicolay's vibe during the course of working together was so 'righteous' that they decided to make an entire album together. Unfortunately, over a year later, i'm still waiting for an official release. I did however, get hold of what is supposed to be an advance copy of an as yet untitled long player. 10 tracks all produced by the almost infallible Nicolay (sorry Nic but by your usually high standards, Here, was for the most part mediocre). I think the results are bloody superb. I shouldn't have to tell any of you about Nicolay.... should I? Check this one out & get hold of Preach's album. Although the name suggests otherwise he doesn't come across as preachy at all. Grab that.

Preach & Nicolay Advance

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Travis said...

I ran into Preach's work about two or three years ago, big fan of his work. I knew he did some work with Nicolay, but didn't realize this was out there, thanks!