Damn Man... More???

This Ones made my top 5 so far. Detroit producer Alpha-Bet has come up trumps with this one. Great use of samples as well.

Be prepared to open your mind for thids one people. Hailing from DC, D has decided to go with samples from dance legends Daft Punk. Incase if you didn't know Kanye sampled these guys for Stronger (Better, Harder, Faster, Stronger). I think it works really well.. The standout on here has got to be I Know where D has used my favourite Daft Punk track (Voyager) and it suits Jay perfectly. Ye would be proud. 

Superior by name, superior by nature. Berlin has offially entered the race with this one. KD Supier drops a superb offering. Some of the samples have been heard before but don't let that get in the way of the fact that this needs to be heard. In my top 3.

Wowzers. The goodness doesn't stop. Jimi Kendrix has already done work for Jay-Z (cool), Mic Geronimo (cool) & The Murder INC family (not so cool). Then together with his partner in beats J. Math, Street Radio have worked with 2Pac, Styles P & Papoose. Well these boys have decided to throw there hat into the urban mix with Street Radio's American Gangster. They have raised the bar with this one by adding new vocals with artists not featuredon the original (Grab it & find out for yourself) and the results are 1st class.

Grab em all & be sure to check out their sites too.

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