Back To The Beature Part 1 & 2

I got an email today from a guy called Trez. He put me on to 2 projects that he'd been working on. The 1st is called The Re Mix Tape & the basic concept is to pay tribute to the beat loop sampling of yesterday (& today). Original tracks have been remixed using original samples with no added drums, keys or basslines and has simply let the samples do their thing. I have to say most of what he's put together is real nice too. The problem is the R n B remixes for the most part don't work. The remix of 9th's Sunday track ft. Keisha Shontelle is the best example where the vocals & the sample used just do not fit at all. Also the mix of Lil' Mo's Sometimes isn't particularly bad but something about it just doesn't work. Keyshia Coles Shoulda Let You Go however, is given a lovely chilled out vibe. The Hip Hop mixes are all pretty tight & are definately worth checking for. Especially Common's Go, Saigon's C'mon Baby & The best mix by a mile, UGK's International Players Anthem which is now a permanent resident in my Ipod playlists, a superb mix. And since Trez also sent me his take on the American Gangster remix saga you get 2 for the price of 1. It's superb too (seriously). You'll recognize all the samples but you'll bump it even more because just for that reason & not a sample misused on the whole thing. Don't Sleep.

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