I'm One Of The 1% Against The Return of The Death Penalty/But I Love The Wax Reform Crew

Last week the UK's most popular newspaper, The Sun, conducted a poll. This poll was set up in light of the recent convictions of arguably 2 of this countries most notorious 'murderers' of recent times. The newspaper asked the question 'Should The Death Penalty Be Brought Back In The UK'. They also asked members of some of the murder victims families on their views. They were all in favour of bring the death penalty back, apart from one. Sara Payne, mother of Sarah (pictured above), the victim in probably the most talked about & read about murder in recent history (The Soham murders being the argument), said NO. I wholeheartedly agree. Firstly i would find it very difficult as a human being with the possibility of being called to a jury, to contribute to the end of someones life, no matter what the crime. Then there is the argument that if indeed the person convicted was, in fact guilty, that death is an easy way out. We all know that any form of violence or sexual aggression towards a child is frowned upon in prison (a strange moral code that i'm glad exists). Surely it's better that they suffer for the rest of their life rather than escape by lethal injection. My biggest gripe though, is what if the accused was wrongfully convicted. Theres no moral comeback after the innocent person is dead. The Sun's poll was designed to stir up emotion & was perfectly timed to get the response it did. While i can only imagine what the parents of the victims are going through, I cannot see any justification as to why the death penalty will be brought back. The powers that be at The Sun know full well that it isn't gonna happen but still they let their reporters stir things up anyway. I'm a dad & i hope everyday i go to work that i'm not going to get that phone call. Let these people rot in jail. let them have the chance to appeal & one day prove their innocence if they are so, or let them rot in jail & get butt f$%&£d till their dying day if they are guilty.

On a lighter note, i love Wax Reform & have done for a good few years. I know thu out there that do to so i strongly suggest you check for my man Beatsmif's Blog & check out his superb Wax Reform piece. As for me, i just cobbled together 18 Remixes by those WR brethren (past & present): feat. Muneshine, M-Phazes, D Minor, Illmind, Johnny 5 & others. Be sure to check out M-Phazes remix of Tribes' 1nce Again. Enjoy!

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