Hassaan Chop!!!

Every album i have gotten from the Rawkus 50 series as been nice. some artists i've heard of (Cy Young, Dynas, Roddy Rod) some i have been schooled on (Red Clay, Scanz, Bekay...). Hassaan mackey is one of those that belongs in the latter of those 2 catagories. Someone put me on to him a few days ago so i got 3 tracks from iTunes. 2 of them were produced by Kev Brown & the other by Illmind. Once i heard these i got the rest asap. This album is real real nice. featuring tracks also produced by Young Cee (who's beats remind me of DJ Scratch), Keelay & Quarterpound this is an album that floats from one neck snapper to the next. Starting with the deep bass and spacey guitar loop of the title track. I'm not sure if that's Bilal on the hook or a really talented sounalike but it fits the track perfectly. Onto the Kev Brown conconted Simone which follows a similar formula but Kev's slightly laid back vibes shows through to great effect. Fit For Nuttin' just had my neck continuing where it left off on the previous tracks. Track after track of bass heavy jazz infused goodness. From Feel it, with it's jazz guitar & piano chops, to my personal favourite, Cuda Browns Revenge. Young Cee uses a funky latin sample & a couple of kiddies lalala's over a drum pattern not too disimilar to Busts's Get Out!!! beat. The albums ends as well as it begun with another joint by Young Cee called Boom & finally Illminds solo contribution (which i have been nice enough to supply below. At 10 tracks it is kinda short but thats not to take away from the quality of the album as a whole. 

Now, I was about to start complaining about not being able to get hold of an original hard copy of these Rawkus 50 releases. But having thought about it , I have to commend the Rawkus peeps for their forward thinking. Too bad the major labels aren't quite there yet. Let the lop sided marketing & lack of CD sales continue until they learn their lesson.

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