Quit Bugging Me!!!

The man pictured above is Sadiq Khan. He is the man in the middle of a parliamentary storm here in the UK involving possible terrorist plots & Al-Qaeda connections. Conversations between himself & one his longtime friend, Babal Ahmed,  were being bugged by the Metropolitan Police Service. As it transpires the police were suspicious of Ahmed's activities so the recordings had allegedly taken place in 2005 & 2006. They were made while Khan visited Ahmed in prison as he is awaiting extradition to the US. There is now a government probe into the matter because there is a code of practice known as the Wilson Doctrine that forbids conversations between English MP's & there constituents from being bugged. 

First of all, why the kcuf not!!! What the hell makes English MP's so special that even if there is strong suspisison that they themselves may be involved with crime that they cannot be bugged but the rest of us can. You may have noticed that i am only including english MP's as i write. This is because any Scottich Parliament members or members of the Welsh Assembly are allowed to be bugged. Whats the bloody difference. Just to clarify, I don't give a damn if the suspects are muslim. Whether you are white black brown yellow green blue or purple, if you're being investigated like the rest of us, there is a possibility of a crime taking place or if there is a threat to our national security there shouldn't even be a question to answer. That the MP's are even upset about this in the first placxe is ridiculous. What they are basically saying is that there could be a mass murderer or a rapist or someone with the power to start world war 3 in there midst and there could be strong evidence to suggest any of those allegations. The fact of the matter is that the government would rather let that slide than have the criminal element among them bugged & caught. This disturbs me.

We've already had the situation with Tory MP Derek Conway. It was not exactly a serious criminal offence but if these things can go on for so long before being discovered, what the hell else is going on that we don't yet know about. It's just another example of one rule for them & another for the rest of us. How do these so called guardians of cour civil rights expect us to trust them when all they do is undermine us at every turn. The possibilities of wrongdoing is endless but as usual it is going to take something drastic to happen before people start to take notice. Let's see how long that takes shall we.

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