I Was Always Good At Physics

Sometimes I stroll through a record store & i'm not actually looking for anything in particular. I just scour the hip hop section reading the back cover looking for something to buy, since i may have a spare £20.00 to get myslef 1 or 2 musical treats. I read the back cover of  metabeats album, Metaphysical, took one look at the supporting cast (Ralph Rip Shit, Pergyl, C Minus etc) and bought it. I do this fairly regularly & for the most part it pays off. However, I wasn't prepared for the quality of this guys stuff. Metabeats is a supremely talented beatsmif. No half steppin' on this one & dare i say it, not a single weak beat on the album. From the dark yet discofied (?) intro right through to the outro, Meta has created a superb backdrop for his people to get busy over. The Coming ft. Quiet Poison, Live & Let Live & The Wu-Tangish Meta's Cypher are the standouts. But to be honest the whole thing is that good i had to reach to pick those out. If you've been following this blog from its inception you would have already read about my trumpeting of Ralph Rip Shit. He lives up to the billing & continues to teat through tracks at will. Pergyl is also surely going to get a solo out sooner or later. I will definately get anything with this crews name on it (Associated Mindz) safe in the knowledge that of ot's as good as this album i won't have to worry about wasting my tenner. Check out the tasters.

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