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I'm a fan of 9th Wonder, I'm a fan of Little Brother (before & after 3 became a crowd) & I'm a fan of the North Cack sound (do they know that cack has a whole different meaning over here). Just thought i'd get that out of the way before i continued. I came across this on Wake Ya Daughter Up. MC's Tab One, Charlie Smartz & Rapsody, producers Foolery & The Synopsis, & DJ Ill Digitz found each other at university & have been spars ever since. The music is as the title suggests with its soulful vibe & summertime sprinkled head nods. I wanna is probably the best example of this. The beat uses Stanley Clark's 'I Wanna Play For You' to create a nice summer cruiser. Back Home is another cello powered head nod where the group reminisce about there hometown. 9th Wonder also tips his hat by contributing 2 tracks to the EP. There You Go is a laid back groove showcasing the male & female perspectives of trying to chat to the object of your affections. Water, is the standout track on the album & features fellow NC cohorts Lazarus & Edgar Allen Floe. But the scene stealing duties on this cut belong to FeMC (geddit, i like that one) Rapsody. You may have heard her on the interludes of 9th's Dream Merchant 2 (go listen again). This Lady can spit & apparently she has a solo in the works too. Water, along with the bonus cut Rainy Days are my personal favourites. As always i have to be impartial & point out my gripes, which in this case is the hook on track 2, Kool With It. The hook on there reduces Rapsody to a corny hook which in my opinion undermines her talent. But At 9 tracks deep including an interlude this is a very solid release & i look forward to more of the same. By way of a bonus i have included a link to a free download of Kooley High's Mixtape, Raleigh's Finest, as well as the bonus cut off of the EP. Enjoy.
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hey, this is j.sol. thanks for checking this out and posting it man. we'll have to hit you with some more music pretty soon.