I Used To Love Alphabetti Spagetti

Why is it that positivity in Hip Hop is considered different. Is the world such a bad place to be that when someone tries to shed a little light on the darkness people in certain quarters derise it as some kind of faddish oppurtunism. Forgetting that commercialism always wins and some people do this just for their love of Hip Hop and life in general. Luvolution is a project that accentuates such positivity and Mohammed Yahya & Iron Braydz are superb at what they do. You'd be hard pressed to find a more original opening 2 tracks on a hip hop record than the 2 these guys provide. The 'Intro' to the album is a near 6 minutes of amazing spoken word prose by Sukina Abdul Noor (of Poetic Pilgrimage). It's that good I had to rewind it twice before i listened to the rest of the album. African Rhythm with its thundering kick & african (obviously) percussion make for a unusual, but equally great, opening song. Iron Braydz (great name) laced 15 of the 18 tracks on the album & overall, bar one or 2 nicely placed diversions, they are really nice head nod's. From the Thumping kick & lighthearted flute of 'Nice Day' to the dark piano loop of Conctete Lands. Change, Shahadah, Luvolution V (featuring an ill verse from ShakaRa) are all had my head bouncing. But for me the superb 'Hammer' & 'Hopeful' are my standouts. Especially the latter, which sees beatsmith Jnr. Sas (big ups bruv) use a mesh of vocal samples to great effect, while M1 is his own rebellious self on the guest spot. A great album & a positive one to. Not only is it immediately apparent that the message is sincere but the non preachiness just makes the whole demeanor of the album all the more accessible. The only let down for me was Luvolution 1, as this is the only time that spacetalk (as i call it) lyrics & delivery make it onto the album. That aside this a great album & has been on my regular playlist for quite a while & will continue to be. A great debut that i have left a couple of tasters for.

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