Dr. Dr. I feel like a fool...

Get this. The department of law & pensions have sanctioned benefits to be given to a man with more than one wife. When I read that I nearly chocked on my weetabix. The last time I checked bygamy was illegal in the uk. So why the hell have they let that one through. Apparently its the same reason that our 'current' archbishop doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Sorry Dr. Williams but implying that something is 'unavoidable' is perhaps not the best way to start a discussion. Maybe the words 'we need to discuss...' would be a much better alternative.

The uk is already the most cosmopolitan country on earth. The amount of different cultured we can fit on such a small island is astounding and probably why I just can't bring myself to up sticks & leave. But being accepting of other cultures & bending over backwards for them are two different things. Now i'm not talking about the UK as a nation as we should always welcome law abiding people who are going to contribute to our economy with open arms. I also believe that our government should afford them the same opportunities as everyone else. But making changes to accommodate 1 particulicular race is ridiculous. Technically these men are breaking the law when they land at Heathrow. What they should do is tell them so & give them the chance to live within the law. This change also implies that muslim men are exempt from the bygamy law. Am I therefore allowed to become a muslim & follow suit? Any other country would laugh it out of contention & government leaders the world over must be laughing their arses off right about now. There is a saying that I use quite a bit that goes 'Only In America'. I'm now changeing that to a new one, 'Only In Great(?) Britain'.

And before you ask a silly question. I am not dissing muslims & would never consider doing so. The people in power who for one reason or another can't get their act together are who i'm aiming at.

p e a c e

These 3 albums are nice. I've given the peoplw some tasters:

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