Better L8 Than Never/Sorry Mr. Diggs

When 6 diagram dropped the 4 corners of the online galaxy were filled with nothing but negative darts to aim at the Clan's latest creation. The consensus was that as well as the Clans seeming lack of enthusiasm while dropping their jewels this time round, the Prince himself had alsomlost his way behind the boards. It must have been true right? I mean damn, the Rza's hierachy was telling us how unhappy they were with the album & that we should expect another disc, minus Rza in the not too distant future. I'm convinced that most of the bad vibes being shown towards 8 Diagrams was being done so because of said in-fighting. Maybe the negative filters were well & truly planted on the peoples ear drums by the time everyone was listening to the album. 

Today (18.03.2008) marked as the 1st time that i actually listened to the 8 Diagrams. I never downloaded any of the available links & having bought the CD about 3 months ago it has literally sat, untouched in between Wordsmith's Roadman Showcase & Yungun's The Essence (UK big ups) for that time. From what i was reading in various blog comments & chat boxes, the vibe was about 80/20 in favour of negative press. I have to admit the reason it has taken so long for me was due to the bad vibes (especially toward Rza's beats) online. I should know better by now to trust my own instincts & i have to wonder what all the negative stuff was about because the album is very good. The beats have that Wu imprint on them & the all the Guitars and live drums that rubbed so many people up the wrong way show just how creative Rza is behind the boards.

I know i'm probably going to catch some negative slang in my chat box for this but i really like the album & therefore has taken pride of place on regular rotation in my ipod playlist. Just had to let that out.
Anyway check the various states of freeness below.

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