That Clown In 'It' Had Me Afraid Of The Dark (For A while)

"It took God 6 days to create a perfect world. On the 7th day he rested. This was a big mistake, for on the 7th day WE took over"

Whether you're God fearing or God taunting, Uber religeous or the ultimate athiest, these words should resonate with us all cause like it or not the world as it is at the moment is not in the shape that God intended. My opening statement is the first thing you hear when listening to Anathema & make no mistake, this album was never meant to be hip Hop's proverbial walk in the park. The overall sense of darkness & gloom is apparent from the get go but don't for 1 minute let that put you off. Some of you may not like the comparison but to me Triple Darkness & Braintax are 2 sides of the same, reality edged coin. But whereas 'My Last & Best Album' will shout its disquiet for certain aspects of British life from the rooftops, 'Anathema' will lurk in the shadows & strike at the opportune moment. The dark soundscapes provided by Chemo & Beat Butcha are superb & will immediately press the nostalgia button in the brain of 90's Heads. This is not ground breaking or innovative stuff & it's not trying to be but there is the unmistakable air of Mobb Deep: circa The Infamous - Hell On Earth, about the album as a whole. Sometimes all we fans want is straight Hip Hop with a real concept. With all i've mentioned before, plus Blind Alphabets, Kyza & Skriblah joining the resistance, the mission is accomplished & then some. From 1 neck snapper to the next the backdrops created when coupled with the emcee's lyrics are what Hip Hop for the streets should be all about. My personal fav 2 cuts are below to check out. That Amenoir is a spoken word wizard & his flow over a ridiculously good beat for an outro needs to be heard. Superb.

p e a c e

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