Saving The Best For Last?

Having decided to relocate to the land of Oz, Joseph Christie has decided to bless us with his last album (yeah yeah yeah, we all know how that usually turns out). The brainchild behind Lo Life Records & creator in chief of 2 of the UK's most highly acclaimed albums, Braintax presents his 'Last & Best Album'. The entire project was produced by Colin Emmanuel aka C-Swing, who has laid beats for ,amongst others, Mystro, Klashnekoff, KRS-One, Doc Brown, Yungun, The Beta Band, Estelle, Pheobe One (should i mention that) & on Tax's Birofunk. The 1st thing you notice is the departure from the overall sound of his last 2 albums, which must obviously have alot to do with Mr. Emmanuel. The tracks seem to have more depth & there is an accesibility to the album that wasn't there with the other 2 (which is no bad thing). This must also be down to C-Swings vibe 1st, sample 2nd approach to the beats. It's clear that these 2 worked on the album together & didn't simply pass semi completed tracks back & forth to each other to work off of. The 2nd thing is the lack of any real guest spots on the album. Apart from 1 or 2 that you don't expect, Daniel Debourgh from Popstars: The Rivals (remember him) & Michael Caine (yes that Michael Caine), it's all Braintax. Lucky for us that Tax is so damn good at what he does, Switching subject matter with ease while dropping gem after gem after gem. Whether it be schooling people about the downside of the retail culture (Retail) to hardline soulful reminisce sessions (Real People) to telling the Green/Eco issue like it is on my favourite track, Goldfish Bowl (that vocal sample is ill) or trying to stop the violence (Fix Up Come Up). In my view the shift in sound is a welcome 1 & the outcome is an album that should see the Braintax brand expanded somewhat. The chances are though that hardline fans won't like half of it initially but more fool them i say. Don't compare this one to his last 2 but try to judge it on it's own merits & you'll soon realise just how good it is. I have selected the 2 taster tracks for that reason. Personally i think Braintax & C-Swing have outdone themselves & this is on regular rotation on my pod right now.

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