The Katalytic Are Converted

A (K)Catalyst is defined as 'a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected' or 'something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected'. These definitions are determined by the use of either the chemical or Interpersonal use of the word. Having listened to album produced by the Katalyst i'm referring to in this review, i believe a musical combination of both is the outcome. To be able to jump from Nu Jazz to Hip Hop to Reggae to Nu School Breaks to & back again is a feat in itself. But to do it with such consistancy in quality & depth of arrangements is just downright showing off. I listened to this album from start to finish a few times(& some people may think i'm going over the top when i say this) & i still cannot find anything wrong with the whole damn thing. Every genre this guy turns his ridiculously talented hand to turns to gold. From the straight head nod of the intro, to the uptempo throwback feel of Step Up, to the anthemic bass & horns of He Is Society & the Supernatural featured Non Stop, This is as close to faultless as i've heard in a long time. A few posts ago i sung Quantics praises as the best in his field (if he has one). I'm now changing that to arguably & this guy is the argument. What is it with these Aussies & the depth of talent over there. My fave on this one though has to be \killing Ya Self ft. J-Live. The guitar/keyboard loops on this track are just downright scary. This is a must have album. It's out on 15th April. Go buy it. Peep the taster.

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