I Like To Read A Lot/Robin Hood Can't Touch This Nottingham

I dare the good people not to feel what Hip Hop Is Read & Kevin Nottingham are about. If any budding producers are after any original samples or if you're just curious these are the go to guys. They must put in a ridiculous amount of time to source some of these album samples. From The Minstrel Show to Ready To die to The Chronic to Doctors Advocate & an awful lot in between they're putting in some work. Plus They've got reviews, interviews & a world of top notch freeness too. I skate through a lot of blogs without actually paying attention to efforts some of my fellow bloggers go to in order to get things done. These guys are a prime example of why I (& You) shouldn't be doing that. Don't sleep people!


Kevin said...

Yo, thanks a lot for the shout out man! That really means a lot. Much respect!

Ivan said...

;-D Thanks for the love brotha. I'm puttin' you in my Affiliates list.