RIDICULOUS: Throw Away The Key

Raymond Home was convivted of more than 20 sex crimes against children including Rape. He was jailed for 12 years without parole but several Austrailian experts in the field all said that it was more a matter of when, not if, he would reoffend. So, because Mr. Home is still a UK citizen, they sent him back here. I have no beef with the Australian government because I would've done exactly the same. But why oh why is he now free to change his name & choose where he wants to live with the taxpayer paying for it. Why don't the so called allied countries of the westrn world share information on an area of crime far more disgraceful than murder yet carries a far lighter sentencing structure. Raymond Home had commited crimes of a similar nature before but is still able to walk the streets. Why isn't there an international network of intelligence agencies that can share information on these types of people. Oh... wait... they already exist, there just crap at doing there jobs. And i really hope that he will be put under some type of surveillance. The UK taxpayer would gladly foot the bill for such a high risk offender. Take a look at that face people and memorise it both with & without the beard because he could be anywhere in this country living near any of our kids.

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