Dutchies Hip Hop Rule #810; Hard Work Conquers All

I got an email from both these dudes asking me to post there stuff. but i would never have posted them if I didn't feel what they're about or if the product wasn't worth the effort. I posted em both so that should tell the good people something.

Dutchmaster - Blends & Remixes
This one is worth the d/l just for the Lloyd/Daft Punk blend, which has now taken up a permanent residence in my Ipod (i'm a daft punk fan anyway). The Lil' mama blend with Lupe's Kick Push is a banger, as is Dutch's Lifes A Bitch blend. But the scene stealer for me has to be Biggies Ten Crack Commandments blend with Eminem's..... damn i forgot the name of the track but it's superb nonetheless. A special mention goes to the Amerie vs. Blu & Exile Dancing in The Rain blend. Some great blends/mixes on here people.

810 - Hard Work Conquers All
A nice beat selection on this mix cd and the guy can flow too. He's all about the hard work on this cd. Dissing stupid/fake Emcees, telling people about where he's from & where he wants to be in the game. Some real nice one liners in here too & it was pretty easy for me to listen from start to finish without a pause. There are 1 or 2 minor missteps but this is a mixtape & the package as a whole which is well worth a listen.

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