I Can Read Minds like Braille (Really? Cause I Can't)

I've said this before but some of the supposedly current pioneers of this music should take heed. There's no point calling yourself a pioneer if the pioneering music your putting out for the masses is crap. All the so called new technology in the videos & all that stuff ends up being a waste of your budget. If you want a blueprint of how to do a straight forward concept very well, Braille's latest offering should be a part of it. From the get go The IV Edition is simply a damn good head nod. Every track follows the tried & tested formula; Crisp drum patterns, great loops & an ill flow from the man himself. I listened to this from start to finish & every track had my head moving. The overall vibe of the album is a bit more leftfield than his previous work & the samples used have a definite spacey vibe about them. Get It Right is a prime example. The piano loop on this track is arguably the most melodious on the album, yet when coupled with the drums a definite airy vibe appears. But this is presicely the reason why i'm feeling this release even more than his other albums (which are all great listens as well). My fav this go round has to be Constantly Growing with Speech (Mr. Wendal people?) with it's DJ Spinna like B-Line is another example of IV's spacey sound. Braille is an intense MC. Whether he's being an MC's MC or sending a positive message he simply refuses to let up. I've been a fan of Braille for a good few years & even with a catalogue of his quality, in my view this is his best work to date.

p e a c e

And a bonus: Braille - Extra Box For Japan Selection

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