It's A Hard Knock Life, For Us.....

Trilogies, or the third in the series of something can be good (Star Wars, Rocky III, The Return Of The King, Getback...) or bad (Scary Movie 3, Police Academy 3, Nastradamus, Bad...). The creative powers behind any media driven 3rd time out can either get lazy & assume that we, the viewing/listening public will swallow whatever they feed us. Or they can be inspired by the critical acclaim received for passed works & their own self determination to produce something as good, if not better, than their past efforts. Being a proud owner of both Everyday Life & Realities Of Life, and also a big fan of DJ Nappa'a last album production project (Wideopen with Emcee Inja) I had high hopes for Life MC's last in his trilogy. With his agenda firmly set to school any would be ignorant/clueless peeps with his street edged pearls of wisdom, Life skates over Nappa's aural layout with ease. Life has the ability to get through an awful lot of syllables in his rhymes without sounding like he's breaking a sweat. The struggle, the streets, the government & other aspects of life get beat down or built up in equal measure. As usual Nappa doesn't disappoint with the beats & the album is just 1 long head nod. As for my favs on here, Hands Up is my top beat but Bomb Propaganda is Life at his best lyrically, schooling heads on the motives of the powers that be/the system. Add to all that, that this is a double disc album with disc 2 being a cocktail of 28 Nappa beats. All in all not bad for a tenner.

p e a c e

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