Wife!!! Where's That Bloody Remot Control???

Hip hop Is Dead eh Nas? Well on the face of it he may be right, what with the state of commercial radio (on both sides of the atlantic) these days. But underneath there is a heart beating strongly as the lungs breathe life into a somewhat outwardly stagnant genre. Remot is most definately 1 such giver of life. This is one seriously talented guy & it would be an absolute travesty if he doesn't get more shine. Some of you may remember the flurry of American Gangster remix albums that dropped (i posted some of the better one's). Well HipHopDX ran the biggest AG online remix competition & This guy won the whole damn thing. He beat some noteworthy Beatsmiths (Eye Am & Von Pea among them) along the way. His winning remix has a superbly smooth, soulful vibe. I used the words don't sleep before & I meant them, but this time i say it with a capital D, multiple exclamation marks & double underline. My Man Kevin Nottingham has got an ill interview with Remot too so pass over there & check that out. Remot is undeniably a name that i will be looking out for in future & i suggest you do the same.

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